Monday, 2 August 2010

1, 2 Buckle my shoe 3,4, knock on my door!

Last Week, BY BASI sponsored us to go down to Shoreditch's annual festival and we lapped it up, soaking in the fine splendours of dress; here is what we found...
A very fashion forward t-shirt and with that N-Dubz swagger we're sold. As for the hot ginge, his look is so effortless and breezy. He's totally working that leather biker jacket.
Man, this guy thinks he's Superman or something, he definitely pulls of the mint green jeans and salmon socks combo a treat. Love second guys shirt, so much fun. As for contestant number 3 his look roars at us with his tiger t-shirt and vans.
Love love love this look...amazing leopard/hawaiian print shirt and silk trousers, complete with loafers and chains, looks like he should be shuffling around a pool in Arizona working on a film or something. Double denim: always a winner. Robert Patterson twilight slash Dazed, not your normal look for a festival. We say watch this space (or your neck whilst on the waltzers)
So the rolled up-shirt is not out of vogue we see and we like how he has rolled-up his shorts too, the tatts top it off nicely. Tie-dye...hmm, well it can be a good look sometimes. We know that extreme sports is going to be an Autumn/Winter trend but in the summer heat, I don't think so!
Such a great jumper that could easily have fell off the back of a Missoni van.
'Fuck your mum?' Well that's a statement further than 'This Is Not a Plastic Bag'.
Ahhhh Ed from our SS Collections Story in March, the no shirt thing is always a hot look.
Love the rips on this guys jeans, the mullet with moustache with glasses is kind of erring on Mr Potato head but we dig it.
Did anyone mention LA? We can dream that he also a notorious gangster and we know Adam Kimmel would approve.
Mickey mouse is so heavily used as an icon in fashion, but this vintage jumper is a classic and when thrown on with a cap and paint why not? Oh did someone let out a Gaga monster? if only the glasses were a little more round (and perhaps he was wearing fishnets and no knickers). OMG this one has been transported directly from Mississippi circa 1937 , and lordy his look is just so sweet...yes mam.

The End
Watch this space for more festival style uploads