Thursday, 27 October 2011

We've Moved!

Like a graduated student forced out of their hovel & back to their parents house,
today Attitude & Attitude Style have merged into one bigger, better & all round shinier website.

We will as always continue to update the Style section of the site on a daily (if not hourly) basis. For a continuous stream of the latest fashion news, half dressed models & pictures of Frank Strachan in comedy outfits (models own)
please continue to support us by checking out our new home. Attitude Style

Faces: Jonas @ D1

Photography by Simon Harris

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Socks In The City

Courtesy of Lazy Oaf. Yum!

BStore: The Movie

Inside - Out from Hellicar&Lewis on Vimeo.

A little visual reminder of the BStore presentation that took place last month during
London Fashion Week. It happened in 33 Portland Place
(where Amy Winehouse's Rehab video was shot fans of facts)

Faces: Joe D'arcy @ Nevs

Photography by Simon Harris

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Poll: To Buy Or Not To Buy

Frank's taken a liking to this jumper that we spotted in River Island only yesterday. The question is should he dip his hands in his pocket & buy it?

Faces: Jeremy @ D1

Photography by Simon Harris

Monday, 24 October 2011


This is what's dropping in All Saints this week.
We're like a gay version of Look magazine! (minus photoshopped Cheryl Cole cover)

We Couldn't Help Ourselves...

...but pop into Mary Portas' new shop. We have to say that we were in there for 10 minutes and not asked if we needed any assistance and there were no 'Aurora' dresses but Mark did live up to our expectations. Telling us tales of his new found fame, of how he is mobbed on the tube, we took this snap with our intern Lucas and told him he shouldn't wearing that badge.

Faces: Jake @ AMCK

Jake is from Liverpool & travelled down just to see us.
Photography by Simon Harris

Thanks S.J!

A special thanks to the ever lovely Sarah Jane at the New Look press office for letting Chris have this fab check bomber jacket. Excuse his face he has a cold.

Matt Hatter

Intern Matthew has gone back to Liverpool so today we in mourning.
In his memory here is a picture of him larking about at our cover shoot last Thursday.
Such fun!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Man Down (This Tasty Drink)

We've enjoyed seeing these ads posted up around our local newsagents.

Faces: Harry @ M&P

Kelly Rowland once kissed Harry on the cheek & told him he was cute.
Photography by Simon Harris

H&M Versace: Anticipation Mounts

With only a few weeks to go until the collection is released once more the more determined (crazy) fashion fans sleep rough for a chance to snare a piece of the Versace & H&M pie we choose a few of our favourite items from the collection. (Having already felt & tried on most of it)
Frank Strachan wants this bomber. The sleeves are actually velour. £79.99

This belt would add a hard edge to any outfit. £39.99The H&M collaboration jackets are always very well cut. Love the lapels.
At £99.99 though it's a little on the steep side.
To cap it all off! £14.99
We're sorry to say we're steering clear of the leather pieces as at the current price point
(around £200 for a jacket) we'd like it to have actually met a cow.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Art Attack

Continuing their foray into the art world, having already exhibited a mini collection of Tracey Emin pieces, super brand Louis Vuitton is showing work by Turner Prize winner & sometime transsexual Grayson Perry in their behemoth of a store on London's Bond Street.
We suggest if you're within a five mile radius you swing by & check it out
(& even pick out a little present for yourself. You deserve it!)

Anticipation Is High!

It's like the Iphone launch all over again.
The queue for the opening of the Tom Ford concession in Selfridges on the 25th has already started..!

Faces: Dawid @ Elite London

Photography by Simon Harris

If You're At A Loose End Friday Night

Mostly to watch Paris Is Burning yet again.
Why not take a date?!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Never one to shy away from controversy Steven Meisel has collaborated with Edward Enniful at W magazine & littered nine fake ads throughout the magazine.
Our absolute favourite has to be the above for Tantrum undies.
Slapped bums applied by make-up artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath.

Button Up In Diesel

Only our cover star David Gandy popped into the Diesel store on Carnaby Street wearing a very fetching shearling jacket from the AW collection, & very nice it looks too.
As it is now officially coat season (brrr) it is wise to invest in something warm.
We have worked out for you that at £950 it may seem on the pricey side. However!
If you take into account you'll probably wear it for at least a third of the year, the material will improve with age & it's a classic shape. You'll probably get a good five years wear out of it.
Taking all this into account it would cost you less than £1.57 per wear.
Which is infinitely cheaper than the mid-priced shirt with it's tags still attached
gathering dust in your wardrobe.

Britney Spears: Criminal

Love the video though feel she didn't use her location as well as she could have as
Dalston is a directors dream.
We have also been informed that the guy who gets kicked in the balls is Freddy at Storm Models.

Faces: David Valensi @ AMCK

Photography by Simon Harris

Monday, 17 October 2011

Oh This Will Be Good

Apparently security has been upped their game too meaning there'll be no repeat of last years which made the London riots like a tea party.

Autumn Winter Collections Attitude Shoot

We readily admit the soundtrack might not perfectly fit the film. But we're Kelly obsessed. Dilema! Heres our behind the scenes peak at what we got up to in sunny Brixton shooting our AW Collections Story (Style Issue Out Now!) Roaming drunks have been edited out.


We must admit on a Saturday night our alliance lies with Kelly Rowland & her fantastic array of quotes. However if the Beeb doesn't want to shoot itself completely in the foot with it's scheduling, might we suggest they time Harry Judd's performance with Frankie Cocozza's so we can switch over for four minutes & spare us his mid-noughties-faux-indie-inanities.

Gucci Made To Measure

Having already appeared as the face of numerous campaign's for Gucci's fragrances.
The very lovely James Franco has been lined up once more as the face of Italian powerhouses Made To Measure service.
The service is to be rolled out across 11 stores in major cities (including London).
The collection features up to 178 colour combination's and 82 textiles.

Faces: Danny Oliver @ Elite London

Photography Simon Harris

Friday, 14 October 2011

It's Must Have Been A Long Week...

At New Look's press office. Having requested a number of masculine coats we got sent this lovely plum & orange number. Clearly for the ladies, we think it's rather fetching nonetheless.

Last Nights Launches: Wooyoungmi

Last night Selfridges held a little shin dig to celebrate a collaboration between Wooyoungmi & six creative types to put a spin on their own peacoat, with each one auctioned off for charity.
The guys involved were Jordan Askill,
Dazed & Confused’s David Hellqvist, Gary Card, Reece Crisp & blogger Steve Salter.
Had we been asked our coat would have looked something like this.
Bet Wooyoungmi is kicking themselves now.

Faces: Christian V P @ Select

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Look What We Spotted

Looking through an Aware look book we thought these guys looked familiar. That's when we realised they were in fact pocket rockets Dino & Georgio from TOWIE. Excellent work boys.

XTG Swim!

When Frank went on holiday, All the hot spanish boys were wearing XTG trunks. Their new swimwear range has just launched. Sporty. You can even buy online (v.modern).

Has Everyone Seen The New Cover Yet?

Photographed by Mariano Vivanco
Styled by Frank Strachan