Tuesday, 31 August 2010

What a Lovely Evening!

If you have some form of aversion to the sun then we sympathise. console yourself by staying in buying underwear online at www.awaresoho.com

New Face : Melke

He is from M&P and we are quite fond.

The Award For Best Dressed Goes To...

Glee star Kevin McHale, who ditched his alter-ego Artie's tank tops for the Emmy's at the Weekend, looking resplendent in Burberry. Unfortunately the L.A weather negated the need for an aviator jacket. At least there's the Bafta's.

Friday, 27 August 2010

We Got Sent This By Electronic Mail

That's the jist. We love DMs & recommend a pair for each day of the week.
Any less & your feet may get cold.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Stand & Deliver

We thought we'd do a military shoot as it's the in thing this Autumn. Seems like the high street has embraced the trend whole-heartedly too.
(Intern Abraham went missing 2 hours ago. We fear he may be under that pile of jackets)

If It Wasn't Pissing It Down We'd Run To The Nearest Newsagent to Buy This

Britney Spears & Pop Magazine in collaboration with Takashi Murakami.
Glad she's still pulling the old Lolita shtick even though she's popped two kids out.

Gant by Michael Bastian...

Goes on sale today. Loving the shorts over long-johns combo, a look we have been championing for months. We'd love to see builders rocking this at a local Wetherspoons. We're mostly lusting after that green lacrosse jumper though. It screams brunch with the in-laws.
Available from selected Gant stores, Selfridges & www.gantuk.com

In Love With Lanvin

We are big fans of Lanvin here at Attitude, They do consistently amazing collections & have a really distinct aesthetic which we appreciate. Sometimes when we see something that is, for example, burgundy or navy in a heavy silk fabric with frayed edges we say 'Oh that looks a bit Lanvin' & then instantly want it. What we also love is that they can make a product like a tie-pin (which usually we couldn't give two figs about) that we lust after even though we've never considered owing one before & barely own outfits smart enough to warrant a pin.
How does this happen?

David Gandy at V Festival in Diesel Jeans

David Gandy not in Diesel Jeans. Both are good.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

We Got To Thinking...

This aviator jacket from a Harlequin fancy dress shop costs £35 a week. If you hired it out for a few months people in the street may believe you owned an actual genuine top o' the range Buberry jacket & avoid any pesky waiting lists. Just a suggestion.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. This is doing the Military trend but in a very intelligent and slightly abstract way, as Raeburn uses re-appropriated military fabric i.e. parachutes to make these, yes we'll say it again, gorgeous jackets and anoraks.

Stocked in London, Italy, New York, Japan and Belgium check out here for details and biography.


See what was brought to our eager fashion attention....a new online menswear store complete with its very own line, 'Yarn'. With an actual shop too. It sits perfectly alongside the likes of B Store and stocks some of our fave labels including Acne, Fred Perry and YMC.

A good online menswear store is a rarity and so we applaud what looks like a peachy new beginning. Visit either the boutique on Stoke Newington's Church Street London, or www.hubshop.co.uk

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

People. The Industry Cares Not For AW Now. It's All About SS11

The shiny new Louis Vuitton SS11 lookbook arrived on our desk this morning!
Yey!...which was a welcome reminder of how god damn gorgeous this shirt is.
(& how blinkin' hot that day was)


Entering into their 11th season MAN have announced their line up for Autumn/Winter 2010/11, drum roll please.....we have
- MARTINE ROSE with her first catwalk show entitled "Love is...",

-FELIPE ROJAS LLANOS a Chilean/Swedish Central Saint Martin's Graduate, who attracted attention with his MA collection entitled Suspended Animation and...

- NEW POWER STUDIO, a fresh, young London based label founded last year which has been hugely popular across serious menswear fashion magazines ever since.

We can't wait! Roll on September....

Monday, 16 August 2010

Obviously We Love Katy But...

If you want to get your hands on her man friends..huhm...jeans, get yourself down to Diesel.
This is a still from her new video Teenage Dreams (not as good as California Girls but rather good nonetheless) & we applaud Diesel on a job well done & also for stumping up the cash. Kerching!


A serious one to watch & now buy! Having shown last season at the MAN show during London Fashion Week, JW Anderson, the young menswear designer is selling his clobber on the internet. We are seriously coveting all these pieces which have just dropped at Oki-Ni.com
(the online menswear shop that we know and love).

Friday, 13 August 2010

Our Last Collections Story Video. Sadface

Anyone wanting to see more of fashion assistant Chris's exploits, petition here.

Bags For Life

We dare you not to be head over heels in love with
Christopher Shannon's AW collection for Eastpak.
(Available from Asos, Eastpak stores & Oki-Ni.com but not til September so hold your horses!)

Campaign Watch!

God Morgon! (As they say in Sweden) Here are a few sneek peek images from Filipa K's AW collection (Swedish brand, gorgeous)

Love a bit of broodiness.
This is behind the scenes, which we thought was pretty great.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hugo Boss Summer Party: Gossip Girl Approved

Sometimes we like to pretend our lives are a film or t.v show but wonder if anyone would be interested in watching our daily commute and frequent trips to Pret. However on a night like last night we feel like that we may get at least 1.5 million viewers.
The event was bustling with industry types cooing at the collections on display & drinking Pimms & Mojitos. We were very taken, however with the ingenious way the caterers served sausage & mash on cocktail sticks (When you've eaten as many canapes as us you'll understand)
Never underestimate a man in a suit.

Oh The Glamour

Today Topman has landed in Basildon at the Eastgate Centre meaning the hot boys of Essex can stock up on printed tees, polos and other staples that Topman do oh so well. All purchases made at the new store will get one of these frankly amazing canvas bags while stocks last. Seriously considering jumping on the first train there...www.topman.com

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

We Like Your Look

As a person he's a special kind of irritating but today we have to give Joe Stone our Editorial Assistant props for his footwear. They are from Asos and on sale for £10. We like how he's teamed them with elasticated trousers from Topman. Tomorrow, normal service will resume. Watch out Joe; You're overdue a wedgie.

New Face - James Galt

From M&P. Bit of topless action there. We approve

Sunspel Are Now Selling Hoodies

They are so soft it is like wearing a cloud.

Hot Looks From Reiss AW

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Luke's Second Store

With one store already in Bristol, Luke opened it's second store in Cardiff on Saturday at
The St David's 2 Shopping Centre. Looks pretty swish. Open more please & soon!

Shop: Pockets

We love boutiques because they condense all that's good about a collection into one rail. Mary Portas loves a boutique too & anything approved by her should be taken as gospel. We also love The Midlands, which is where Pockets is. With stores in Newcastle Under Lyme, Hanley, Worcester, Shrewsbury and Nantwich and selling Armani, Paul Smith, Barbour and Hugo boss to name a few. We applaud. www.pockets.co.uk

Monday, 9 August 2010

Collections Story Part Two

Fashion Assistant Chris continues his ill-advised quest to become a t.v star.

Found in a Regional Topman This Weekend

We think it's unfair that smaller stores don't always get the designer collaborations and major pieces that the flagship stores do. What does impress us though when we hit the high street is the amount of amazing pieces that ARE on offer. While frantically running round a Topman in Kent this weekend we found four polo shirts that we loved in under a minute. Well done everyone.


For anyone who isn't watching Don't Stop Believing on Channel 5 on Sunday evenings; This is the Supergroup who we stumbled upon in Kent. This is a scoop for us as unfortunately in the show they remained covered up.
(which is lucky really as otherwise our jobs would be null & void)

Campaign Watch!

We remember fondly when pointy trainers from Swear were all the rage, but those days are gone & big boots and brogues have reigned in the smart shoe war. For their 10th birthday Swear have fought back with new styles, a new creative team & a new campaign (see above) Happy Birthday!

To The 5 People in The U.K Who Don't Live Near a H&M Store

the online site launches in just over a month. More details to come.

Friday, 6 August 2010


Part one of our behind the scenes look at the AW10 Collections Shoot, 20 page story in the current issue. Fashion assistant Christopher Hobbs introduces...

Thursday, 5 August 2010

melting.... HOT!

O.K, so we realise that this is all over the internet already, but really, its too jolly to ignore. Anyone for a McFlurry?

Before We Forget its Summer Completely

We reckon there's still at least 2 months wear out of your summer wardrobe until you
even have to consider winter coats (though we do appreciate a bargain
buy whatever the season) The industry calls this time of year 'transitional' when really it
means 'the shops are full of fleeces & furs but we're still relatively comfortable
in a t-shirt & light jacket' We love this look from Lyle & Scott's High Summer collection.
The perfect late summer look. Layering is key.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

New Face: Remo Mahler

His name is Remo, whether he dances on the sand is unconfirmed at time of writing.
(great mental image though) Thank you M&P Models.

There's So Many Ways to Love This T-shirt

it makes us want to say Oh Oh Oh Oh. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh. Oh Oh. Oh My Gosh.
(on sale at www.yukka.com. Amaze)

One More Shoe Blog, Then We'll Shut Up

This is a Poorman Weapon from Converse, so called because back int' day they made a canvas version of the leather ones that all the sports players wore so that the kids (who we imagine lived in some 'colourful' neighbourhood in Brooklyn circa 1977) could afford 'em. We also like that it's called a weapon & we envisage back in 70s Brooklyn you would need a weapon wherever you walked.
(not like to today where it's all organic deli's & yoga centres)
It has been re-issued to celebrate Size? 10th birthday where it is stocked exclusively.
Priced at £49.99

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


And on the 7th day God created Louboutins.

Chino Time!

Did we actually just reference that dude from X-Factor? Think we did. Moving on.
Our favourite online shopping mall my-wardrobe.com have exclusively collaborated with Dockers to stock a limited number of authentic WWII Chino’s and T-shirts. McLovin' the distressed t-shirts and as for chino's, we think 2010 is your year. Come on down!

It May Be Sunny Today...But One Day It Will Rain

That's why we need this Fred Perry fishing jacket. Made in collaboration with The British Millerian Co.Ltd. We heart it in yellow but if navy's more your bag then we support your choice.


We shot this back in April 2009 for the June issue of that year around the streets of Vauxhall. Jacob from Models 1 was a new face back then, In July 2009 he opened Prada's SS2010 show and his stock sky-rocketed. Whenever we see a billboard with his face on we remember having to wrap a towel round him while he changed in the streets.
Styling by Frank Strachan Photography by Tomas Falmer

"It's Roberto Cavalli & I Love It, What More Do you Want?!"

If anyone got the obscure Sex & The City quote there we applaud you.
These jeans are from Just Cavalli & they're pretty special.
Wear them to a wedding & upstage the bride.

Boots. & More Boots

Levi's don't just do denim, oh no! They do shoes too. This season, we hasten to add, they have expanded their range & delivered us a gorgeous selection of boots for their Red Tab collection in tough leathers with detailed finishes which will be available this month at Asos.com and selected Kurt Geiger's as well as Levi's flagship store on London's Regent Street.
Love the red lining as well. Very Louboutinesque (If this wasn't a word before it is now)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Well This Is Nice

Hot models and YSL sneakers

Campaign Watch!

Full Circle have dragged Luke Worral from whichever skate-park he was moping around in (Luke and Kelly Osbourne over. Sadface) & made him their face of their new AW campaign.
Love the trousers in boots look & nordic prints, layered with plaids & military touches. www.fullcircleuk.com

Normally We'd Have a Picture of a Model Licking These

But they're currently stuck in Berlin. These are great though aren't they? From Diesel's new range of sneakers for AW available at the end of the month. www.diesel.com

New Face : Guido

Hello everyone how was your weekend? Today we introduce you to Guido from Premier models.