Friday, 29 October 2010


Awesome for styling newborns, dogs & cats. Frank suggested Elauan should rock this as her new look and pin it on top of her head at a jaunty angle. Easily one of the best invites to date, and so we wait in keen anticipation for the New Era's 90th anniversary. Watch this space. 

Look At My Face

New face Ben Somers, curtesy of AMCK,  is a real cutie. 
A little Friday afternoon pick me up we thought. 

Press Days

Dear the P.R world. We love press days & we will try our hardest to go to all 58 that we've been invited to.

The Saturdays Stylist Has Lost His Touch

We joke. It's actually the window display at Stella McCartney!
Well done her. We look forward to your All Saints Day window.

Shop: One New Change

For anyone visiting St Pauls or the surrounding area at the weekend, one may have thought that they had left the bustling metropolis & instead stumbled into a ghost town. With a high percentage of the City of London taken by offices, the demand for shops & services is low.
However this is set to change or 'New Change' if you will. A new shopping mall, designed by Jean Nouvel is attempting to encourage shoppers & visitors to St Pauls & Tate Modern to part with their cash & not flee to neighbouring Oxford Street once their sight-seeing is complete.
Featuring high end brands such as Topman, All Saints, Superdry & Hugo Boss as well as new ventures from Jamie Oliver & Gordon Ramsey. Judging by yesterdays crowds when the mall opened the gamble has paid off, however, whether they will stay come Sunday remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


This is Josh (our Intern) last year. Very good Josh! Elauan did GaGa too last year...(photo coming). Chris is going to be a piece of Toast and that's all we got so far...we'll let you know!


It's a product like this that makes us hate press days. We want one so bad. For those of the hard of seeing, they are canvas bags with the 4 fashion capitals on & they are from Gap. We didn't ask but think you will probably be able to get your hands on one in about 4 or 5 months. Killer.

New Face: Joffrey Vannier

Black & white sure is flattering. With thanks to Premier Model Management for finding him.

Fall Into (Love with) The Gap

Gap put on a great display of spring separates for their press day. We were greeted by a sea of mannequins sporting neutral tones which we also remarked we had seen a lot of at the last fashion week in Paris. This wall, a veritable feast of caramel. Our colour du jour this season.
We also had played a game of 'Where's Chris', who had dressed for the occasion.
What larks.
We were too full on bacon rolls from Duchamp to eat the gorgeous buffet which was a

Colour Chameleon

Today we popped to Duchamp's press day to see what they had in store for Spring/Summer & to check out their latest colourways. We were pleased to see a lot of colour on offer, these scarves don't even cover it. From stripey shirts & boldly printed socks & matching underwear to their newly divised polo shirts, the luxury brand seems to have all bases covered.

We Saw This Coming A Mile Off

Gucci, in their wisdom, have made a pair of 3-D glasses specifically for taking to the movies. We applaud their foresight & imagine they know their customer well enough to gage whether there's a market for this. For anyone whose walked around Knightsbridge recently you will see that, despite the recession there is a lot of people with more money than sense. The most pressing question is of course, why spend upwards of £200 on something that will primarily be used in the dark?...

Spotted in Kurt Geiger

They've stamped all over our hearts. We can think of at least 6 reasons why we need them.
1. Fashionable/On trend
2. Hard Wearing
3. Heavy duty sole (no slipping)
4. Manly
5. Nice laces
6. A bargain at £150

Last Night's Launch: Tequila Patron

At the beginning of the night we attended a launch for a collaboration between cricketer Kevin Peitersen & Brylcreem (We kid you not) Our highlight was watching a confrontation between Big Brother star Nikki Grahame & Aisleyne. We anticipated cold stares.
Instead they hugged. Shame.
Tequila Patron opened a pop-up bar at The Cumberland Hotel in London's Marble Arch & we made time to attend too. The linguine & meatball canapes were worth the trip alone.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

New Face: Simon Van Meervenne

He's sexy. He's cute. He's from Premier Models to boot.

We Spent Most Of The Day In Shops

And were quite easily distracted by beauties such as these at D&G.
Ultra modern.

Backstage At Katy Eary

Although we already posted our own pics of Katy Eary's SS11 show back in September we were offered these exclusive ones for the blog featuring the very sexy Sam & we accepted. Naturellement.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

& Here It Is

Backstage at our House of Fraser/Aussiebum shoot with Andrew Stetson.
Excuse the music, our choice was somewhat limited.

Super Sneakers

Converse & Missoni have collaborated once more for this pair of sneakers which at £220 is slightly pricier than your average foot receptacles but a lot cheaper than trying to purchase one of Missoni's amazing zig-zaggy colour explosion jumpers. Believe us. We've tried.

Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

It's a shame Amy Winehouse's range for Fred Perry didn't cover menswear as she looks as cute as a button here & back on form. We met her once. She was drunk.

This Is Cute

Our nans knit have been known to knit us jumpers in the past with cheefrul little reindeer faces on them but due to on-set arthritis with each year they become more & more 'directional'
(read: unwearable) As part of their 40th Anniversary celebrations, Kenzo have released this limited edition kit to make a vest & scarf from an original pattern from the 1970s. In the kit there is wool, needles & instructions & all for. A great gift Saints Day.

More Wonderjock Wonderfulness

Monday, 25 October 2010

Va Va....

The opener of our new issue featuring Andrew Stetson wearing Aussiebum Wonderjocks.
We have made a video of the shoot which will follow shortly.
Until then enjoy the 2D experience.
Photography by Klas Strom

Definitely Not Christmas Related

These socks from Asos are a collaboration with Pantone, available in 7 shades priced £8 they would jazz up any brogue.

New Face : Humbert

This is Humbert from M&P. He is Spanish


This cardigan from Marc by Marc Jacobs at is the top of our Christmas wish list (This is our first of many Christmas gift wishes but don't worry we will try to get through October before we go Christmas mad)

Cavalli Compendium

It's Roberto Cavalli's 40th Anniversary this year & to celebrate there has been a party, a specially designed Vodka bottle, limited edition sunglasses & now a gorgeous book displaying Cavalli's best work. Our only gripe would be Menswear has been overlooked but when you have picture of Giselle looking like THAT it seems a shame not to show them all off.

A Sunny Jacket For A Cold Day

We love this jacket from Pyrenex & have been desperate to get hold of one. Thank god for Manchester's Hervia Bazaar which has just started stocking them.
You can even get it on their website too.

Friday, 22 October 2010

New Face: Fredrik

Fredrik from Sweden & M&P Models. Take a bow.

Our Favourite Thing From Tesco's Press Day

Was this Florence + Fred denim grandad collar shirt. We were told it's out mid March.
Not long to wait then!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cube PR Press Day

As well as the food on offer we took time to view the Spring/Summer collections of the brands they look after. We were absolutely smitten with these Canterbury joggers which were made up of rugby shirt off-cuts found on the factory floor. We were also very taken with the new brand British Khaki which will be opening a store on London's Portabello Road very soon.
Adore that duffel.
These bags from Chapman are also very nice. We imagine we will be swinging one off our arm come April.

The Food At Cube PRs Press Day Was Bloody Lovely.

We won't bore you with the details but there was thai curry, salmon & rice & roated veg with humous. Our P.R boyfriend Ryan helped us wrap one up for the journey home. Thanks!

Witness The Fitness

Tinie Tempah wore Moschino Uomo to the MOBOs las night to collect his two gongs. Looking rather fine he is too. We had him as our ringtone for a while. Truestory.

Skinny Fits From Levi's

The lovely Sophie who does the press for Levi's (& refused to be photographed, which is a crime frankly, she's such a babe) invited us down to the flagship store on Regent Street to check out the new 519 skinny fit jeans. They are currently being worn by Gaslight Anthem on their tour. We'd be more impressed if they got Britney in a pair though let's be honest.
And here they are! Slimming.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Breakfast Attire

Long johns, shorts & Dr Martens. A killer combination. & totally gay friendly.

DKNY Bloggers Breakfast

We were lucky enough to be invited to DKNYs bloggers breakfast this morning at the store on Bond Street. The cream of the U.Ks bloggers sat around, drinking coffee, munching on carrot cake & discussing the latest collections. As well as gossiping with Liza from Purple PR, whose an absolute dream & if we were straight we would seriously consider marrying. We took a look round the mammoth store & chose this shirt as our top pick.
Apologies for lack of pics of caffeine & cake.

Look What Just Arrived On Our Desks!


His balls are all over Vienna.

A Sneek Peak

You won't see the results of this shoot (which was in Austria, did we mention?) until the December issue but this is what to expect. Though don't rule out more nakedness.

Fashion Editor Frank taking a hands on approach.
(Just like good old Grace Coddington)

Halloween: Fast Approaching

We love the enthusiasm that American Apparel has taken to it's Halloween line. for some of the outfits you may have to spend all night telling people who you are but that's part of the fun. From top (l-r) Frankenstein, Archeologist, Wrestler, Troll, Waiter, Gondolier, Ken Doll, Pirate.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

It's Most Definitely Barbour Time Yes?

Love these re-engineered Barbour jackets. Which granted are pricey.
But last longer than a small dog.

Dolce & Gabbana Milano Thunder

Is now the official name of the Italian boxing team, clad head to toe in Dolce & Gabbana.
Who says sport & fashion can't mix? Not we.

We're All Over Willow Smith 'Whip My Hair' Like A Bad Rash

It should be a crime to be this fierce aged 9.

Shoot: Pucker Up Kiss My Swag

View the whole thing in glorious technicolour in the new issue. Out Now!
Photography - Ali Kepenek
Styling - Ingo Nahrwold

Nice Beaver Frank

While some of us sit here chained to our desks, Frank and Elauan of the fashion team are living it up with the locals in Vienna. They are shooting for our December issue. Aka a big piss up.

Front Fashion: Military

Military. let's face it, is nothing new but we embrace it each season none the less.
The high street have gone hell for leather, releasing an array of sharp jackets. From River Island to New Look, you'll surely find the one you love. Unless of course that
Burberry jacket with oversized button cuffs is in your budget then let us be that devil on your shoulder...whispering BUY IT!
Photography by Cameron McNee
Styling by Elauan Lee
Model Dominic @ M&P Models

Monday, 18 October 2010

Attention Shopaholics Of Bristol

From Manchester to Bristol, We applaud the opening of any new boutique; they're like compact department stores without hoards of make-up counter girls at the entrance. Newly opened Garment Quarter is the brainchild of 5 friends from Manchester who have combined their experiences in retail for this first venture.
John Reid, one of the co-founders tells us 'Despite the recession, many people are still prepared to invest in looking good & it is times such as these that customers look to buy key pieces that last. there is something for everyone, with pieces by emerging designers such as Ashley Marc Hovelle starting at £35 to rare collectible items from designers such as Vivienne Westwood"