Tuesday, 20 July 2010


We braved the 50,000 strong crowds at LOVEBOX at Queen Victoria's Park in London and fished out a few stylish gems for you to dribble over....

The sunglasses, the braces, the double printed t-shirt, the socks + sandals and an East-end haircut to boot. Cute cute cute.
If Jeremy Scott did festival gear this would be it. Maybe add a few sequins in a nice leopard print pattern across croc's belly. Teamed here with vintage Reebok hi-tops makes a perfect match made in festival heaven.
Obviously channeling the Autumn/Winter menswear trend of MILITARY. We salute you sir!
There were ton's of boys-with-bumbags. This is the best way to style it up, oversized and strewn across the chest. (Plus muted greys are always a winner obvs)

NYC Downlow merch. Love it. Pretty much encapsulates Attitude's fashion team's thoughts of an evening.
Did we mention Grace Jones? 62 and still prancing around in a thong, and the most amazing plethora of headpieces. God bless Grace.