Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bread and Butter Berlin

Bread & Butter is an event that happens twice a year in Berlin & we were lucky enough to attend this season. A whole host of brands were representing from big denim brands such as Diesel & Wrangler through to smaller niche brands such as Gloverall & Grenson boots
(we'll be honest though there was quite a lot that didn't exactly woo us too)
The event happens in Berlin's old Templehoff airport which is pretty big space & all the brands have their own 'stalls' varying in size in direct relation to the size of the brand.
G-star's room was bigger than our office.
This picture doesn't exactly do it justice, outside it was cold & a bit bleak but inside it was a visual feast of AW trends.
Diesel took their theme of backstage at a gig & ran with it. The picture on the left is the entrance. the lights spelt out Diesel. Inside was dark & dingy & reminded us of The Astoria before they ripped it down. Sadface. Carl Marshall showed us round all the exciting things that Diesel are doing over the year. Carl had got boozy the night before in Soho House so fitted in nicely with the debauched rock star theme. That's dedication to your job!
This wall of jeans was impressive too, created for A.G jeans.
The denim was starched into shape. Mind boggling we think you'll agree.
If we went on any more the post would take up two pages, suffice to say it was very enlightening, we met a lot of interesting people & Berlin is a lot warmer in Summer!