Monday, 4 July 2011

London Pride: We Were There

Along with most of gay London we were stood along Regent Street surveying the crowds & observing the fashions as well as necking a can of Strongbow. Multitasking!
A lovely day was had by all.
With thanks to Paula Harrowing for the gorgeous photographs.
I am my hair!
Trannies do gypsy weddings!
Blue on the British Airways float
(Lee waved at us. Were it not for All Rise playing loudly from the sound system we would have told him we didn't recognise him with his clothes on. LOLZ)
Pants Pride!
"It's like Notting Hill only very gay"
Colour Blocking Pattern Clash!
Gays doing the trends.
Our findings: Though we heard Born This Way a fair bit pumping out of floats & boomboxes we can confirm that S&M by Rihanna was in fact the most popular song choice of the day. Fact.