Friday, 29 October 2010

Shop: One New Change

For anyone visiting St Pauls or the surrounding area at the weekend, one may have thought that they had left the bustling metropolis & instead stumbled into a ghost town. With a high percentage of the City of London taken by offices, the demand for shops & services is low.
However this is set to change or 'New Change' if you will. A new shopping mall, designed by Jean Nouvel is attempting to encourage shoppers & visitors to St Pauls & Tate Modern to part with their cash & not flee to neighbouring Oxford Street once their sight-seeing is complete.
Featuring high end brands such as Topman, All Saints, Superdry & Hugo Boss as well as new ventures from Jamie Oliver & Gordon Ramsey. Judging by yesterdays crowds when the mall opened the gamble has paid off, however, whether they will stay come Sunday remains to be seen. Stay tuned.