Tuesday, 5 October 2010

X Factor: The Makeovers

Despite our general annoyance at some of the choices for the X Factor final
(A distinct lack of TrayC & Gamu. Cher & Katie representing style over substance)
We take a quick look at the finalists makeovers aka our favourite part of any t.v show ever.
One Direction (or Wand Erection as the good people of Twitter renamed them) have gone for the failsafe of polo shirt with skinny tie & sleeveless hoodies, a mixture of Olly Murs & Justin Bieber. Though their Bieber hair seems to have gone which was a shame as that's how we differentiated them from the other groups.
Aiden is wearing a plunging v-neck and jacket with bracelets as he is 'quirky'. Nicola has stuck to a simple t-shirt and suit trousers, we like to imagine they tried to stick a fedora on him & he slapped the poor stylist. That's why he's our favourite. It seems that removing Matt's hat was actually actually a mistake as any downstairs feelings we had towards him have gone after viewing this picture.
The over 28s. Probably the best category by far. Any reservations Louie may have had should be gone after seeing Tesco Mary's amazing bob. Storm can do one though.